April 23, 2024

What are the best-used cars to buy in different categories?

I know you must be confused while thinking about purchasing a vehicle. Especially if you plan to purchase a used one, there are much more things to take into consideration before making a decision, as most of them might not have any warranty. Hence, you should check each and every detail. Even if you don’t have any knowledge of vehicle maintenance, below mentioned information will help you to clarify what are the best used cars to buy. 

Nowadays, there are around 1.6 billion cars in the world. The number of manufacturers and automobile models continues to increase, hence finding one car can be hard. Nonetheless, there are some tips that help you to narrow the variety and make the choice easy. Below you will find out what are the best used cars for beginners, what details should be checked in used vehicles, what are the most reliable cars under a certain budget, and many other details.

What are the best used cars for beginners?

Purchasing a vehicle can be much harder if it’s the first automobile for you and you don’t have any experience. Unsurprisingly you must be lost in all those details that should be taken into account.  In any case, while buying a car we look for reliable automobiles that won’t have any technical issues and avoids us spending some time in the service centers. Reliability and security are much important when we don’t have any knowledge of vehicle maintenance and want to be sure that it won’t have any problems. 

Did you know, only in 2020, 43 new models entered the US market, hence clarifying what is the best used cars to buy for beginners is a hard decision. But still, there are some statistical data that helps you to make up your mind. According to Statista, in 2019, the best-selling car across the world was Toyota Corolla and Ford F-Series. Notably, the most popular car brand in the USA and Canada is Ford. 

After combining different research results and statistical data, we can certainly say that Toyota Corolla can be the best choice for a new driver. First of all, it always takes the leading position in previous year sales across the world. Hence, when talking about what are the best used cars, one of them is certainly Toyota Corolla. Since its release in 1966, Toyota has sold more than 46 million vehicles. Can you imagine? There were approximately 46 million Toyota Corolla worldwide. There are many reasons that make the model so reliable and popular, one of them related to its comfort. It offers very smooth and enjoyable rides. Besides, it is quite fuel-efficient automobile, covering 32 miles per gallon. Also, it offers modern features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, touchscreen radio, climate control, automatic emergency breaking system, and many other things. 

Another model that you might find interesting is a Ford Fiesta. It is easy to drive for beginners and has many features that help you to set limits for avoiding any inconveniences. For instance, you can set a limit of speed, reminder for the seatbelts, etc. 

The list of the best cars for beginners can be too long. Setting up a certain budget plays a huge role while searching for a car. That narrows the big variety and makes it more clear. Below you can find automobile models grouped under a certain budget. 

What are good cars to buy used under a certain budget? 

While talking about what are good cars to buy used under a certain budget, we should take into account many details. For instance, what type of a car are you looking for? What is the purpose? Do you need the automobile for going into the mountainous area, or just for going to the office in the city center? How much do you plan to spend for the monthly cost? Realizing all those details will help you to make a decision. Below you can find best selling automobiles in different categories under a certain budget. 

Hatchbacks under 10,000$Midsize Cars under 15,000$Hybrid Cars under 15,000$Sports Cars under 20,000$
Honda FitKia RioToyota Prius CFord FusionToyota CamryHyundai SonataToyota PriusChevrolet VoltToyota CamryFord MustangMazda MX-5 MiataChevrolet Camaro

I guess reviewing the table helped you to narrow the choice and now you have a clearer view about what are good used cars to buy. Now let’s move on and clarify what aspects you should check while testing a vehicle. 

How to check what are good used cars to buy

Nonetheless, there is much statistical data that can help you to clarify what is the best used cars to buy produced by approximately 160 manufacturers worldwide, there can still be some open questions. Purchasing a used vehicle itself is risky, as most of them don’t have any warranty and you should check many details for avoiding waste of money. But still, even though, by buying a used automobile instead of the new one, you save a lot of money. Did you know that the new car depreciates its price by 10% as soon as it leaves the lot? The depreciation rate increases up to 60% in three years, hence even if you can’t afford to buy the new one, there is no much to worry about. 

I’ve made a check-up list, that can help you to clarify what are the best used cars to buy, and if it’s worth buying.

  • The look of an automobile – Of course, first of all, what you should check is the look. Checking each crack will give you some insight about the previous owner. Generally, how good it was looked after.
  • Mileage data – It’s well-known fact that lower mileage means a longer lifespan for an automobile. But, of course, not only mileage determines longevity. If you have some doubts, you can check the performance of a vehicle by using the Mileage Blocker tool. The tool is easy to use and can be easily installed by DIY instruction. It stops counting miles, while you are testing the car. 
  • VIN code – You can ask the seller to provide VIN code, 17 digits number. It can help you to clarify any details about the vehicle history. By checking the code, you explore insurance, accidents, warranty, previous owners, recalls, repairs, registration data, and even theft details;

Besides all of the above-mentioned, you should visit an auto mechanic for checking further technical details about the automobile. After following all steps you can be sure that you are on the safe side and can enjoy your journeys with your “best buddy”. 


After reading all the above-mentioned information, I hope you have a clearer view about what is the best used cars to buy for beginners, and under a certain budget. Nonetheless of a huge choice, you can still narrow it upon combining details such as budget, hobby, lifestyle, purpose and find the model that best fits you. 

After reviewing what are the best used cars to buy and deciding the model you want to get, you can use the above-mentioned check-up list. Following the check-up list steps will keep you on the safe side while making the decision. I’m sure you will enjoy the purchase!