June 14, 2024

Where to buy used police cars with the best deal?

Nowadays you will hardly meet a person who doesn’t own a vehicle or doesn’t plan to get it sooner. Our daily life is unimaginable without using an automobile. Hence, if you have not yet got a vehicle, or plan to change it, then the blog is for you. Of course, we all have our dream cars, but due to limited budget sometimes we have to think about cheaper alternatives. In case you are limited on budget and want to get a durable and reliable used vehicle, then an ex-police car is an irreplaceable option. 

If you are buying a vehicle for the first time, you should be ready for a time-consuming process. Nonetheless, on the one hand, the process might seem very exciting, on the other hand, it requests clarifying many details. I’ll help you to save time and explore all the needed information about how to buy used police cars, where to search for them and what to look for while inspecting. Knowing all those details will keep you on the safe side and avoid waste of money and time. 

What to expect while getting an ex-cop automobiles and how to buy used police cars 

In the temporary world, there are hundreds of automobile models. Choosing one model out of the big variety can be hard. By purchasing a vehicle, we want to get comfortable and reliable rides. Nobody loves spending time at the service centers when something needs to be repaired. Hence, before signing the contract, we have to think twice about avoiding uncomfortable circumstances. Upon analyzing all existing details, I can say that purchasing an ex-police automobile is irreplaceable in terms of saving money by getting the most durable car. You might think that the answer to the question of where can I buy used police cars, can determine vehicles’ reliability, but that’s not true. Nonetheless, police vehicles tend to be a good option for traveling on rough surfaces and are durable, still, there are some details that you should know. 

First of all, the reason why I’d advised an ex-police vehicle is that nowadays there are much more models than in the past. Hence, you can choose a model upon your taste with no regrets. Most of them work on diesel and might have manual or auto gearboxes. So, you can select an automobile upon your preferences. Besides, they are good at a high-speed chase and cheap to maintain. 

No matter where to buy used cop cars, there is another thing that you should be expecting while purchasing a police vehicle. Sometimes vehicles miss their original music system because space is used for placing a police communications kit. Hence, don’t be surprised if you find the part of a dash empty.

Another good thing about police vehicles is that they are well-kept and regularly checked. Some of the models have rebuilt suspensions upon the need. Hence, by getting an ex-cop car, you can be sure that you get a vehicle in tip-top condition. 

After reviewing all the advantages, it’s time to move and explore sources where to buy used police cars.

Where can I buy used police cars?

I guess after reading all the above-mentioned information you can’t wait to explore where and how to get the ex-cop cars. In the past, there was a time when getting a vehicle took weeks… You had to look for some advertisements in the newspapers, search for the “Sale” sign nearby, or visit local car markets. Luckily, nowadays there are many online and onsite options where you can get a used vehicle. There are plenty of websites where you can find announcements and get a vehicle even without leaving a home. The whole process can be done in a day without leaving your chair. Hence while asking how to buy used police cars, I’d always answer to find it online and only after this think about onsite options. 

So, here is the list of websites where you can find police cars for sale. 

  • GovDeals – GovDeals’ business is dedicated to selling governmental and educational agencies vehicles. They sell police automobiles through online auctions and have 1 million registered buyers.
  • AutoList – At AutoList, you can find a big variety of used vehicles of any type and category. Here you can find announcements about police automobiles, as well. 
  • Southwest Public SafetySPS sells patrol-ready used police cars.

Nonetheless, of the above-mentioned list, don’t think that the answer to the questions of where can I buy used police cars, is limited to only 3 websites. There are much more online and onsite options that you can choose upon your wish. I’ve just mentioned the most popular and trustworthy options. So, after clarifying the sources let’s move on and explore another important issue related to purchasing an ex-cop automobile. 

How to make a decision on where to buy used cop cars and what to check?

Actually, frankly speaking, there is no one source of where to buy used cop cars with the best deal. But, there are some tips that help you to make a good decision before signing the contract. Here are some general rules that apply to purchasing any type of used vehicle.

  1. Never ever buy an automobile without a thorough inspection – Nonetheless, at the first glance the car might seem attractive and well-kept, don’t skip the inspection. Here is the list of details that you should check:
  • The mileage
  • Breaks
  • Under the hood
  • Electrics

Besides all the above-mentioned, it’s preferable to check the vehicle at the independent mechanic. That will give you a clear picture of automobiles’ current condition.

  1. Check a VIN code – Don’t hesitate to ask for the VIN code. The VIN code is like fingertips for each vehicle. With the help of the code, you can get any detail about the vehicle, insurance, thefts, accidents, warranty, etc. 
  2. Make preliminary research to determine the market price – In order to avoid waste of money, try to determine the value of a model by searching prices on different sources. 

All in all, vehicles’ reliability is determined not from where to buy used police cars, but how to inspect it thoroughly for avoiding unpleasant surprises. All the above-mentioned tips help you to avoid waste of time and money. 


Nonetheless, purchasing a used vehicle might seem risky and time-consuming, knowing some tips help us to save time and make a good decision. Upon reviewing where to buy used police cars and how to inspect them thoroughly, I guess you are ready to trade. I hope, above-mentioned information helps you to get a car with the best deal. Wish you good luck!

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