July 12, 2024

When is the best time to buy cars at the lowest available price?

Buying a vehicle is associated with excitement. We imagine ourselves riding our dream cars and enjoying comfortable rides. But, in reality, getting a vehicle requires knowing many details. A well-planned process can bring us the best result. Nonetheless, thinking about the upcoming rides might be very exciting, we should remember that buying a car is a big investment that requests thorough understanding. 

Knowing certain details about auto trading can help you to save a lot of money. Even if you are not well-experienced in trading, below mentioned details can help you to get the best deal. Did you know that certain objective circumstances could affect the discount of big money on automobiles? For instance, correctly chosen time can determine overpayment or underpayment. Below we will discuss when is the best time to buy used cars. Besides, we’ll also explore the most affordable time for purchasing new automobiles. Hence, no matter whether you are planning to buy a used or new vehicle, you will have some knowledge for both cases. 

When is the best time to buy used cars and get the best deal? 

As I’ve already mentioned, planning plays a big role in getting the best deal. Buying a vehicle requests some investment of money. Besides the material aspect, it requests nonmaterial investment as well, from our side. Unsurprisingly nonmaterial investment – time, can affect the material aspect and help us to save or waste a lot of money. No matter whether we are limited on a budget or not, we always try to get the best deal or at least avoid overpayment. As agreed, first of all, I’ll share with you some tips related to buying a used automobile and after this when is the best time to buy new cars.

First of all, before starting a discussion about the topic please note, there is no one certain time when you can get a used vehicle with the lowest price. There are several options that can increase the chance of getting a big discount. It can be a month, day of a week, season, holiday, and even hour! So, let’s review each option and find out when is the best time to buy cars.

Monday – Since Monday is the busiest day of a week, many shoppers highlight that on Mondays it’s more chance to have a long negotiation compared to weekends. On Mondays, dealers have much more time, hence you can bargain and get a bigger discount than on other days. 

By the end of the month, quarter, or a year – The main reason, why I’d advise you to buy a used vehicle by the end of a month, quarter, or a year, is that most of the dealerships provide bonuses within the mentioned interval. Each dealer tries to earn a bonus. Hence if it’s the end of a month/quarter or a year and the dealer is missing selling a couple of automobiles, congratulations! There is a big chance that you will get the best deal. For dealers, it’s more reasonable to make a discount on automobiles and earn the bonus, instead of missing the opportunity. 

By the end of a business day – Many individuals will answer the question of when is the best time to buy used cars, the end of a day. On the one hand, in some circumstances, it can be true. If a dealer had a bad day and couldn’t manage to sell a vehicle, then you might get a big discount at the last minute. On the other hand, by the end of a business everyone is waiting for the last minutes to go out of the office and enjoy an evening with their families and friends. In case a dealer didn’t have an unprofitable day, there is less chance that he/she will be motivated to offer you some discount. Hence, the point of view that the end of a business day is a good time, is too complicated and depends on certain circumstances. 

Before reviewing when is the best time to buy new cars, there is one last point that should be taken into account. Nonetheless, of all the above-mentioned options some individuals think that the best time to get a car is when you don’t need it. I know it might seem unrealistic, but let me explain what is meant from the point of view. The thing is that, when we truly need something, we can ignore many details for reaching the main goal. For instance, if we urgently need to get a car, we might don’t make any research for determining the market price. Hence, while visiting the dealer or the private seller, we might accept the initial cost without bargaining, since we don’t have any information about its real value. As a result, we end up wasting money.

All in all, now you have some picture when is the best time to buy cars. Now it’s time to move on to the next topic and explore some tips related to purchasing a new vehicle!

When is the best time to buy new cars without hesitation? 

After clarifying what is the most preferable time to get a used vehicle, let’s explore what happens in case of getting a new car. Are there any different periods for purchasing used and new cars? Actually, the preferable time to buy a new automobile is more or less similar to when is the best time to buy used cars. But still, there is one additional, important thing that you should take into account for getting the best deal. It is – End of the model year!

It’s a well-known fact that manufacturers make a big discount on old models, before releasing the new one. Hence, keep tracking the news about the release day of newer models. The given information will help you to determine the period that is good for purchasing a new car with a less amount of money. 

To sum up, here is the formula to decide when is the best time to buy new cars. You should take into account options preferable for used vehicles, plus add the end of the model year as an additional and useful option! 


All in all, nonetheless it’s hard to have one straight answer on the questions of when is the best time to buy cars, some tips that help you get the best deal. Take into account that the end of a month/quarter or a year gives you a chance to get a used automobile with the lowest available price. In terms of buying a new vehicle, don’t forget to wait for the end of the model year. I’m sure all the above-mentioned information will help you a lot to save some money and enjoy the purchase. Good luck!

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